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Down the Splurge Road of Life

Don't be a slave to your belongings

by Vincent Croos

Macondo neighborhood

John Connor was trapped in a cycle of surrendering to peer pressure and the romantic view of money-oriented success.

He lived in Macondo, where the cost of living was highway robbery, and he overpaid for his house by $500,000. Despite being caught up in this lifestyle, there were moments when he felt it wasn't enough; something inside told him that there must be more to life than working 35 hours per week with only four weeks of vacation annually.

One day, while scrolling through social media, John stumbled upon an article written by The Minimalists — Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus — about their journey into minimalism. Intrigued by what they wrote, he decided to look deeper into their work and other stories on the topic.

He discovered that minimalism could provide peace of mind from all the material possessions that enslaved him to a particular lifestyle at home and work.


John quickly began implementing new practices such as decluttering items around his house, getting rid of clothing he no longer wore or needed, eating simple meals every day instead of expensive takeout food several times per week, etc.

As time went on, these tiny changes started transforming how he viewed things like money management. Instead of spending impulsively just because everyone else seemed to do it or because society said it was necessary, he slowly became aware that having less can lead one towards greater joys in life rather than excess look-at-what-I-have stuff.

As John continued down this path towards minimalism over time, even more changes occurred within himself, such as increased self-awareness and appreciation for nature's beauty around us, along with a newfound sense of freedom due to not being bound so tightly by material possessions any longer, allowing existentialism happiness on prom night enter into one's daily routine, free from stress caused by unnecessary wants and needs.

John Connor learned an invaluable lesson — less is better. Through minimalism, he gained inner peace and contentment while discovering incredible joy associated with simplicity rather than excessiveness, allowing an eagle's freedom to fly inside oneself without enslavement from too many belongings or following societal norms mindlessly.

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